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Welcome to the Simple:Press Demo Site!

Simple:Press is a fully featured forum plugin that integrates seamlessly into your WordPress website.

Here, you can try out Simple:Press without having to install it yourself. We hope that you like it! If you do, head over to our main site and download the latest version.

Whether you need a small private forum or a large public arena, Simple:Press will scale to the needs of your community and offers the features normally only available from a stand-alone forum application.

We have setup this demo site so that you can see the Simple:Press forum plugin in action from the standpoint of various user levels.

From limited guest access to full moderator access you can see how each level differs from the others.

We have also created some informational posts in the demo forums here that explain some of the various features of Simple:Press.

Feel free to jump into the demo as a guest member by clicking on the forum tab above. If you would like to experiment with the various member access levels the instructions to do so are on our Demo Site Help Page.

Please note: This site resets every 12 Hours
All content will be erased then and only the pre-configured content will be available. 

If you need support for Simple:Press please see how to Join the Simple:Press Community.